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Yesterday (22 March) our Branch Secretary, Eddie Brand, wrote to the LAS management to request that EMT4’s pay cap in band 5 is removed and they are now allowed to move through to the top of band 5.

This letter was sent in the morning and was due to be published on our website the same day but due to the events that unfolded we felt it appropriate to delay this till today.

The letter is as follows:

“Good afternoon Mark,

Thanks for meeting earlier and I said I would formally write to you on behalf of UNISON.

When we first put clinical staff into Agenda For Change bandings (2006) we had the problem of both EMT’s and Paramedics both being placed into the same banding (Band 5)

To show a difference in pay between both grades EMT’4’s were artificially “capped” at pay point 20 in Band 5.

As you can appreciate Paramedics have now moved over into Band 6 and the newly qualified Paramedic role will just see these Staff move onto Band 5 pay point 16 and the next year into pay point 17 and then after this period straight into Band 6 pay point 21.

UNISON now feel that Technicians should now be allowed to move through Band 5 onto pay point 23.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Eddie Brand Staff Side Secretary | LAS Unison Branch Secretary | Unison Office London Ambulance Service NHS Trust HQ | 220 Waterloo Road London SE1 8SD |Tel: 07766524972 | 07887850317 | E-mail: Eddie.Brand@lond-amb.nhs.uk | Website: http://www.lasunison.co.uk

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