Tax Relief on UNISON Subsciptions

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In addition to claiming tax relief for laundering your uniform and for HCPC fees, you are also entitled to 70% tax relief on your UNISON Subscriptions.

This is because UNISON was successful in securing this benefit after extensive negotiations with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). We were able to demonstrate that the activities of our organisation are mainly directed at helping members of a profession to do their jobs better, in the same way as other professional bodies.

If your tax affairs are in order you could claim a tax refund for previous years where you have paid UNISON subscriptions and HMRC will make an adjustment to your PAYE code for future years.

Remember tax relief only applies to 70% of your UNISON subscription. This is because other trade union activities we undertake on your behalf, such as negotiating, individual representation and campaigning on terms and conditions don’t qualify for tax relief.

HMRC can grant partial relief where some of the organisation’s objects and activities do qualify, and we believe 70% is reasonable in our circumstances. If you complete a self assessment tax return, you can claim the tax relief by completing the ‘Professional Fees and Subscriptions’ section of the Employment page. Alternatively, you can telephone your tax office or visit the web page where you will find further information on how to claim and the relevant forms.


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