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How do I use this website?

While the website has undergone a remake, we have tried to retain the navigation structure. However, some menu items have moved and the large expandable menu has been removed.

You should continue to navigate the site using the menu bar at the top of each page. Menu items from the expandable menu have been moved as follows:

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There is lots of information contained throughout the site and the best thing to do is explore all the pages. You can try searching for what you want using our search engine, that will search this website.

Where is the search? Now located next to the main menu. Click on the search icon to reveal the search box

This site belongs to all the UNISON members in the LAS and we need your input. If you find something wrong on this site let us know, and if you would like to contribute to this site then please contact us.

This site has been designed to give you, our members, an insight to the workings of your union and deliver the latest up to date news within UNISON and the Las.
On this site you can update your details, read and print out minutes of meetings, read the latest news, check all the benefits available and a whole lot more.

If you don’t find what you were looking for then try the main UNISON site.

Agenda for Change

Agenda for Change is the name given to the new national NHS pay and terms and conditions system. This pay system was introduced from October 2004 and its aim was to introduce new pay bands and harmonised terms and conditions for NHS workers. The system has been negotiated by the health departments and the national joint staff side unions.
A UNISON ballot on Agenda for Change voted overwhelmingly to accept the proposals.

Station Reps

This website has a resource page for your benefit called Stewards Zone where you will find copies of the Disciplinary & Grievance procedure and other policies plus branch minutes, claim forms, e-mail applications and links to UNISON resources and a load more.

Carry the Card

Do you carry your UNISON membership card? Do you even know where it is? Well it might be worth digging it out as a host of new benefits becomes available when you show your membership card. If you have lost your card and need a new one, you can apply for a new card online by clicking here.

Where are you?

Did you know that if you move station the service doesn’t tell us? If you haven’t told us either then we don’t know where you are. If you joined at training school then that may be the last place we knew. The same goes for when you move house. You need to let us know. It is vital we have your up to date details. To make it easy for you, you can update your details online right now by clicking here.

Who is your local rep?

Click on Your Reps for a list of all the UNISON Reps in the service and find out how you could become a steward, Health & Safety Rep or one of the New Learning Reps.

Changed your address?

Are you not receiving the quarterly magazine from unison or ballot forms?
It could be that we don’t have your correct details. Click here to update your details now.