Retired Members

When you retire you should still stay active. UNISON believes that many members, when they retire, want to go on benefiting from union membership.

At the moment we are actively pursuing to develop the retired members section of the LAS for ex UNISON, COHSE, NUPE, and NALGO members. We have regular meetings which at present are held at the Union Jack Club, where you can come along and meet old colleagues and make some new friends. Our aim is to have social functions, days out, Christmas meals etc. Members receive regular copies of UNISON’s Greater London Retired Members Regional Newsletters and also UNISON’s Pension News Bulletin. Both are very informative.

Even though you have retired, UNISON still values and needs you and as a retired member you will be able to use almost all the services available to working members. There are lots of exclusive benefits for you to enjoy as a retired member as well as the usual bonuses that come from belonging to a Trade Union.

These include:

  • Unison Welfare
  • Unison Legal Services
  • Croyde Bay Holiday Village
  • Unison Travel
  • Huge savings on insurance needs
  • Special discounts and offers on a wide range of financial and other services
  • Confidential help and advice and convalescent facilities
  • Plus many more services

If we can develop a strong and active section, we can use our voice to join UNISON’s campaign for a social contract for pensioners which includes better pensions and benefits.

If you were a member of any of the above and had been for two years or more and are retired, whether age retirement or medically retired, the Retired Members Section would like to hear from you.

For further information and an application form, contact Michael Apps:

E-Mail: Telephone: 07833 220 496

Michael Apps
LAS UNISON Branch Officer
Retired Members Section

Remember; UNISON membership doesn’t have to stop just because you have retired.
If you’ve been a UNISON member for at least two years on the day you retire and have either received state pension age or get a pension, you can become a retired member.

Retired membership costs just £15 for life, but LAS UNISON members pay nothing as the fee is met by the branch.
The LAS branch also now offers a retirement grant to all members who have been a member of UNISON / NUPE / COHSE / NALGO for at least 15 years to help towards their retirement function, up to a maximum of £350.00.
For more information contact your local representative or anyone on the branch.