Private Ambulances


Staff working for Private Ambulance companies are also eligible to be members of UNISON and if you are based in London then you will automatically become a member of the London Ambulance Service UNISON Branch. Some of these members may have previously been employed by the LAS and under TUPE have been moved over to a private company.

We have set this page up to give you information and advice on who to contact within the union.

Mark Lione is employed by UNISON solely to support and represent all members in the private ambulance sector. Mark is a Paramedic with 20 years ambulance experience with the London Ambulance Service and was a senior UNISON workplace representative for 15 years.


“I am a Paramedic working for the London Ambulance Service for 20 years, 15 of those as a unison rep.
It was recognised that the expansion of private ambulance providers and the increase in unison members working in London  ‎would require a full time rep to support, advise and represent our members. Because of my experience, both as a rep and my  career in the ambulance sector, ‎I am in a position to fully understand the complexities of the job and the specific issues that can arise.
I represent all unison members working for Private ambulance companies across the whole of London ‎so you will have a  constant and professional service.”
Mark Lione, Unison Area FF Organiser



The latest edition of our newsletter exclusively for staff in the private ambulance sector is now available.

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If there is anything you feel should be on this page then please let us know.

We have provided links to some of the private ambulance companies with UNISON members. If yours is not listed then please let us know and we will make sure we add it. You can let us know via the contact form.