Pay Award Announced

The government has today (28 March) announced that NHS staff in England will receive a consolidated pay increase of 1% from 1 April. The Welsh and Scottish governments have also awarded 1% while continuing to pay the Living Wage as a minimum. In Scotland there is also a £400 minimum pay rise for staff earning less than £22,000. There is no response to the pay recommendation yet in Northern Ireland.

This is yet another below-inflation pay award and we can’t go on like this. It simply isn’t right for NHS pay to be held back while the cost of living keeps rising.

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We’re not stopping the fight for a better deal for NHS staff. You give 100% to the NHS and you deserve to get more than 1% on pay. We remain opposed to the pay cap and we will continue our efforts to make sure you are properly rewarded for the vital work you do.

We need you to help us keep the pressure on politicians to make sure that they know it’s time for a better pay deal for NHS staff.

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But your pay is about more than this 1% increase. I know how important unsocial hours payments are to many NHS staff which is why these payments are not up for discussion – now or in the future.  Should the government ever decide to threaten these payments your union will stand firm to defend them.

I also know that many employers have been chipping away at other terms and conditions. We are now working on plans to make sure you get everything you’re due, from fair job banding to correct holiday pay. We think this is the most effective way of making a difference to your earnings quickly. UNISON are consulting branches to get your views on our plans.

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