EAC Pay Band Review Update

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LAS UNISON have been informed this morning (17 July 2019) that the LAS management have accepted the outcome of the pay band re-evaluation request that UNISON formally submitted on the 1st March 2019, that the EAC job role is at band 5 level.

The LAS management have today agreed to transition all EACs, including TEACs, to band 5 over the coming months with EACs being paid at band 5 in August including back pay and TEACs transitioned over the following months.

The delay for TEACs is due to a more complicated individual calculation based on the existing pay arrangements in the first year as a TEAC, however we are assured this pay will be adjusted as soon as possible and will be back dated.

This is fantastic news for our entire operational workforce, not just in terms of pay for our EACs, but also in terms of the care they deliver enabling them, alongside our EMTs, to continue working to the highest clinical level in the country of any non-registrant frontline ambulance clinician.

Further information from the LAS management will be circulated in the coming days to give details of the pay changes.

The LAS have also informed us that they further intend to review the entire operational deployment model to accommodate these changes. We have yet to fully understand what this will mean for the operational workforce but have been given assurance that UNSION will play a key role in the review process.

We look forward to working with the LAS management to safeguard both the best terms for our members and the highest level of care to the patients of London.

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