EAC – Band 5 Job Evaluation

Branch News Pay

We have again today written to the LAS management to request progress on the resolution of the disparity between the EAC current pay band and the result of the Job Evaluation panel that took place last week.

As we wrote back in April we have been campaigning to the LAS management for some time that the development of the EAC role since its inception has got to a point that is beyond the current pay band 4.

After we formally made a request, the LAS management agreed to undertake a re-evaluation of the role within the NHS Job Evaluation process which took place last week.

We have now had confirmation that the result of the re-evaluation is that the job is at a band 5 level.

We now welcome urgent discussion to resolve the disparity between EACs current pay band and the evaluation result.

We have further asked if, when and how the LAS intend to transition pay for our EAC’s from Band 4 to Band 5.

More info will follow when we have it.

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