EAC Pay Band Review Update

LAS UNISON have been informed this morning (17 July 2019) that the LAS management have accepted the outcome of the pay band re-evaluation request that UNISON formally submitted on the 1st March 2019, that the EAC job role is at band 5 level. The LAS management have today agreed to transition all EACs, including TEACs, to band 5 over the coming months with EACs being paid at band 5 in…

EAC – Band 5 Job Evaluation

We have again today written to the LAS management to request progress on the resolution of the disparity between the EAC current pay band and the result of the Job Evaluation panel that took place last week. As we wrote back in April we have been campaigning to the LAS management for some time that the development of the EAC role since its inception has got to a point that…

Update on EAC Role

Over the last year London Ambulance UNISON Branch have on numerous occasions raised the issue that our TEAC/EAC members have seen significant changes to the job role that was first agreed and matched to band 4 in 2014. The significant changes being: The knowledge, skills and experience required for the EAC role is now equal to a level 4 qualification due to the increase in clinical education through Core Skills…


A Time for Change Update

On the 5 July 2013 the London Ambulance Service formally responded by letter to concerns we had raised and on the 22 July we replied. Both letters can be seen below. Letter to UNISON UNISON response to 5th July 2013 letter

Branch Secretary update ‘A Time for Change’. A&E Support Band 3 and Paramedics

Dear All, The Union cannot do anything without your help and support. I am writing to ask you for both. The London Ambulance Service is going through major changes, both in the Senior Management structure and also in the way that we deliver our responses to the people of London. You have all seen the proposals within the Chief Executive’s modernisation plans ‘A Time For Change’. I have written to…


Ann Radmore LAS response to UNISON

*This post has been updated. You can now also download a copy of the LAS Response to consultation report Click here to download a PDF of the response sent from chief executive Ann Radmore to Eric Roberts at UNISON regarding the ‘A Time for Change’ proposals. Please display in your workplace. The letter is also shown below for easier viewing on browsers.


A&E Support Staff Survey

Two members of A&E Support staff based at Homerton Ambulance Station recently carried out a survey among A&E Support staff (AES) in the LAS.