5000 Members & Vote Yes

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Dear Colleagues,

LAS UNISON Branch is proud to announce a momentous occasion, we have reached over 5000 Members!

Yesterday (26 Oct) at our training centre in Newham Dockside we signed up our 5000th member to the branch. Newly Qualified Paramedic, Natalie Stonehouse who will be posted to Homerton.

Not only is UNISON the largest Union in the Country, LAS UNISON is the biggest Ambulance Branch in the Country, we are also the largest Health Branch in London!

5000 Members is not just an accident, it is because of our hard working representatives across our Service that continue to represent all our members interests day in day out.

5000 Members have continued to support our Branch and the great things we have done over the years. We recruited strongly throughout the years of austerity, throughout the Covid years. to keep UNISON going, but the work will not finish here, we need to keep growing and becoming stronger, and recruiting more members will make us stronger.

It’s something we should all be proud of, all standing together, all supporting each other, all protecting our public services and especially our precious NHS.

As Nye Bevan said “The NHS will last as long as there are folk with the faith to fight for it

LAS UNISON will always be at the front leading our fight to keep our NHS Public, the NHS is not for sale.

Vote Yes!

It’s time to take a stand for your pay, your colleagues and the NHS – every vote is needed. Voting to take industrial action is a big step. But it’s time to take it.

The public supports you – and so do your colleagues and your union.

Your pay matters. If we can’t make the government think again and negotiate with us, everyone loses- staff, patients and the NHS.

You can’t afford that. Make your vote count.

Vote YES for industrial action. Vote YES for the NHS.

UNISON’s industrial action ballot in the NHS in England opens today (27 October) and closes on 25 November. Ballot papers will be sent by post to your home address.

Our ballot helpline will be open from 1 November until noon on 21 November – 0800 0 857 857

Yours fraternally,

Eddie Brand

LAS UNISON Branch Secretary

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