Public sector pay cuts are the worst possible response


Government has no grasp of real people’s lives

Responding to reports that public sector pay awards could be capped at 2% in the coming months, UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea said today (Tuesday 1 Nov): “Holding down pay for public sector staff is the worst possible response. This shows a government with no ideas, nor a grasp of the reality of people’s lives.

“The NHS, care and other key services already have a workforce crisis. Many more staff will walk if they know there’s no prospect of a decent pay rise for years.

“That means patients will wait longer, older people won’t get the care they need, crime rates will rise and education will suffer. Everyone suffers if communities don’t have basic services.

“If Rishi Sunak is to hold true to his day-one promise as Prime Minister to strengthen the NHS, he needs to deliver better pay. That goes for all public services.”

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