Update on EAC banding

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A partnership bulletin between the LAS & UNISON has been released on the EAC banding:

As advised previously, an updated job description for Emergency Ambulance Crew was recently evaluated by our job evaluation panel, who recommended re-evaluating this to a band 5 role. As a result, all current EACs will be transitioned to a band 5 role and will receive the band 5 salary in September’s pay, backdated to 1 March 2019.

Since that announcement there were further extensive discussions with management and staff-side representatives at a Staff Council meeting held on 31 July 2019 to discuss the position of TEACs in relation to the banding review.

Management agreed with staff-side that more work needed to be done before a decision could be made for this particular group of staff. We therefore jointly agreed to take this work away and agreed a deadline of 12 August to reach a decision on a way forward. Staff-side and management spoke on Friday last week and following those discussions and some additional work we are pleased to be able to make the following announcement.

TEACs that have a contract of employment with us and who are currently in one of our Education Centres, Operational Placement Centres or posted to one of our Group Stations in their consolidation period will now be transitioned into the same arrangements agreed for EACs. This means that those in training that are receiving a percentage of AfC band 4 will now be paid at the equal percentage of Band 5.

We are now jointly in agreement that the requirements of Annex 21 in the AfC handbook have been followed. These adjustments will be made in September’s pay and where applicable will be backdated to 1 March 2019.

We have currently paused recruitment to the EAC role to enable us to develop in partnership a new non-registered role for our front-line delivery model. The above arrangements will therefore not apply to anyone in the recruitment pipeline that does not have a formal contract of employment in place as of Friday 9 August 2019.


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