Time to give a fair pay rise to all public service workers


Investment in staff and public services will boost the economy

Responding to the Chancellor’s announcement that around 900,000 public service workers – including teachers, police and the armed forces – will get a backdated pay increase, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said today (Tuesday):

“The dedication and hugely important part played by all NHS, care, council, police and school staff during the pandemic is clear for all to see.

“But pay rises must be funded or already-stretched public services will feel an even greater pinch.

“The government must show its appreciation by coming up with the cash now to give the rest of the NHS staff – including nurses, porters, ambulance crew and cleaners – an early pay rise this year.

“Local authorities also need proper funding so council, school support staff and care workers can get a well-deserved wages boost too.

“Investment in staff and public services now will help boost the economy and ensure the UK’s in a better position to withstand a possible second wave.”


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