Strike Day – 11 January 2023

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Members Briefing for Industrial Action

Dear UNISON Member
We hope you had a lovely Christmas & Happy New Year.
Thank you to everyone that played a part in the Action on the 21st December 2022 and those of you that supported it.
We definitely made the country stand-up and take notice that we are a force to be reckoned with. All of the headline news stories that evening featured our Branch members.
But we still have work to do. We have a government that still won’t talk about the main issues and are burying their heads in the sand.
As we expected, sadly we are forced to continue the fight with the next industrial action day being 11th January 2023.
We have slightly changed the times to 11:00 – 23:00 after feedback from our reps.
This time we will also welcome our colleagues from both EOC’s (Dockside & Waterloo) and be asking them to join us in taking strike action.
We met with some of these members yesterday (Monday 3rd January) and we had full support for the next stage in our action.

We will be asking our EOC members at Dockside to take strike action from 11:00 to 17:00 then our Waterloo EOC members from 17:00 to 23:00.


With agreement from reps and members in EOC we’ve decided this is the most effective and practical way for us to take additional action on the 11th creating an increased effect whilst still
allowing the LAS to provide life and limb cover to the public.
As we had planned, this is the next stage to ramp up the industrial action and increase the pressure on the government to start talking to UNISON about pay and get a grip of the crisis in the NHS.
If we still do not get the required response from the government, we will continue to take further industrial action on the already announced future dates (23rd January, 10th and 22nd February 2023) and continue to call additional members out on strike.
We will not stop our campaign until we win this fight and we know we have the support of our members and of the public we serve in London to achieve it.
As with the plans we made for the last strike day we will be meeting daily with our senior reps and with the LAS management to plan for the 11th and will publish further details of the arrangements on the day in due course.


If any members have any questions or would like to help organise the action in their workplace, please don’t hesitate to contact the Senior UNISON rep for your area in the first instance:
  • Brian Robinson (East Central) – 07917906324
  • Marcus Davis (Central and South East) – 07830160293
  • Steve Johnson (South West) – 07958912090
  • Paul Chiddington (West) – 07968965773
  • Pete Hannell (North West) – 07585117178
  • Julie Cunnane (North East) – 07961832766
  • Sam Billoo (EOC) – 07958395801


If you are on Twitter or instagram then don’t forget to tag the branch accounts at LASUNISON


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