Skill Mix Changes Update

Branch News

“Last week we had an update to the ongoing arrangement that has temporarily changed the skill mix of how the LAS deploy NQPs, a bulletin has now been released to describe the final arrangement and the following is our final response to the changes and the mitigation given by the LAS management of the issues we raised:

Morning Pauline,

Thank you for your response on these issues.

Whilst we still cannot agree with this modification of the skill mix we routinely deploy, albeit temporary, we do accept the assurance you have now given us and the concession of accepting NQP1’s will not be planned in advance with NQP1’s as this will now only happen on day as a last resort should all other measures have been exhausted.

Concern from our NQP members remain as mirrored in the repeated posts on the matter on LIA facebook page.

I think it would be useful to add a form of words to the bulletin to describe the short journey we have been on to reach this point so our members can be reassured their concerns have been represented to you and heard and that we have reached the best conclusion we can?.

I must finally reiterate our disappointment that we have had these discussions after the arrangements began.

Going forward we would appreciate some periodic info on the frequency of deployments within this temporary measures which would also be useful to report at the OPF as part of the Operations report?

Kind regards,

Tim Stephens
Staff Side Chair of the Staff Council

Should any members have concerns or an issue relating to these arrangements please contact your local rep to discuss.

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