PPE Request

Branch Secretary Health & Safety

Following on from our previous letter regarding appropriate PPE, Eddie Brand, LAS UNISON Branch Secretary has written a further e-mail regarding the suitability of the PPE ambulance crews are expected to use.

Good morning all,

Thank you for your reply Chris.

Whilst we realise we stated that we would like to see Staff at least wearing aprons, surgical masks and gloves. We don’t feel the aprons we are supplying are really fit for purpose.

Our members tell us that they are difficult to control when the weather is windy, some stating that they rise up into their faces, we feel that these need to be upgraded urgently including some form of arm coverings.

As for the surgical masks, we have always raised our concerns (like the rest of NHS Staff) regarding there suitability for clinicians and would also ask that we look to move away from these with just FFP3 being used, surgical masks being used on patients only.

Whilst I realise this is a change from our previous request, you will understand that our members are becoming more and more concerned with what they are facing on an daily and hourly basis.

Kind regards,


We will continue to keep you updated on this website and our Facebook & twitter pages.

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