Government announces a £1,400 pay award for NHS staff in England

This announcement is over 3 months late and falls far short of inflation. It’s another real-terms pay cut.
UNISON will run a consultation of all NHS members in England – you will decide how we respond.
Our lead committee will meet soon to decide how our consultation will run.
We will keep you informed. Make sure you and your colleagues join UNISON
The PRB has recommended that every NHS pay point should increase by £1,400.
This announcement covers all NHS staff groups other than doctors. The PRB have also recommended that staff in Band 6 and 7 should get 4% instead of £1,400, where this is higher. The government has accepted those recommendations.
The increase falls well short of inflation for all staff, currently 9% on the CPI measure and 11.7% on the RPI measure – with figures due out tomorrow expected to go even higher.
Once again the PRB process and the government’s decisions on it have left NHS staff with another real-terms pay cut.
It will be up to you and hundreds of thousands of other UNISON members to choose whether you want to challenge the government to do better. Better for staff, better for patients, better for an NHS which is on its knees after years of under-staffing.
The government had a chance to put NHS pay right so that the service could keep desperately needed staff and attract new ones. But it has chosen not to act.
We are the largest union in the NHS and we’re working closely together with 12 other NHS unions to co-ordinate how we respond.
Look out for emails from us and make sure you and your colleagues join UNISON or update your details if you want a say in this consultation.
By standing together we can achieve change
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