EMT 4 Proposal

Branch News Pay

LAS UNISON first wrote to the LAS management on 22nd March 2017 to request EMT4’s pay, at that time being capped to spine point 20 on band 5, have said cap removed and are enabled to move through to the top of band 5. 

The LAS management have now written to us, after repeated discussions and a protracted length of time, to propose a review role for EMT4’s. 

The formal proposal is attached below.  We have been given 30 days to respond to this proposal during which time we plan to consult with our membership using our Branch Committee and our network of elected workplace representatives and Senior Sector reps across the LAS to formulate a response. 

We are pleased to have reached this point, albeit after a considerable delay. 

This is a positive step forward to recognise the value of this staff group and the skill level within our clinical structure. 

This will also provide an additional level of progression falling between EAC and Paramedic which benefits staff and patients. 

Please contact your workplace rep or Senior Sector rep to discuss and feedback on this proposal. 

We will publish our formal response once agreed.

Download the proposal in full here



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