Annex 5 (E) and Section 2 Unsocial Hours payments

Agenda for Change Branch News Pay Unsocial Hours

Under the terms of the national NHS pay deal, ambulance staff employed prior to 1 September 2018 are subject to Annex 5 (previously Annex E) unsocial hours provisions.

Ambulance staff employed from 1 September 2018 and existing staff who change roles (including promotion) will be subject to Section 2.

Staff employed before 1 September 2018 are being given the opportunity to voluntarily move to section 2 (England) provisions.

Further information for staff considering section 2 (England) has now been published on the NHS Employers website.

If you are considering this then please seek independent advice, read all the available information and utilise the following documents and tools that are available to review:

The following documents and tools are available to review:
Pay comparison tool (requires Excel)
Unsocial hours fact sheet comparing Annex 5 and Section 2
Information relating to the application process

Current Pay Rates

NHS Employers Q&A page

The LAS have said that an application form and internal change process is being developed as a priority and will be made available as soon as possible.

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