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*UPDATED and edited 14 December 2018

UNISON and the London Ambulance Branch want to make sure we have all our members details up to date. We know staff move around the service, particularly road staff in the early years and we want to ensure we hold the correct details. We are also regulated by the new GDPR and the trade union act and as a result we want all our members to complete the update form so we can check the information we hold is current and up to date.

We have decided to create a prize draw as an added incentive to complete the form as soon as you receive it and to help some of our members just before Christmas.

  • Our update your details prize draw took place today at our branch meeting held at UNISON centre.The 9 winners are:

    Kam Chauhan – EPRR
    Laura Taylor – Wimbledon
    Anthony Mannion – EOC
    William Bishop – Newham
    Dawn Howard – Romford
    Abbie Plaster – EOC
    Claire Watkins – St Helier
    John Mathews – EOC
    Janice Kelley – Homerton

    Well done all of you and thankyou to everyone that entered and updated your details.

    Your local rep will be in touch soon with either a £50, £100 or a £250 gift card.

Although the prize draw has now closed you can still use the forms that we sent out to update your details.

It’s really important we have your current details so please keep us updated. You can also complete the form online.

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