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Dear all,

The Union is starting to consult Branches and Regions regarding the proposed changes to the Agenda for Change (AfC) national agreement.

The changes are proposed basically because of the NHS financial situation and also in the hope that changing it in this way is better than the NHS Employers breaking away from the agreement and bringing in local pay bargaining.

The London Ambulance Service has always supported Agenda for Change and has told us that they have no plans to move away from it. We are hoping that something will be sent out by the Service confirming that stance.

Please find below all the information regarding the background, the proposals and also an FAQ Sheet.

The consultation period is very tight and we would like any views, comments or thoughts before our Branch Committee meeting on 18th January 2013.

We have set up a specific Branch Email address for members to send in any comments on whether these changes should be accepted (as being a better alternative to breakaways) or rejected.

This is a national agreement and not an LAS agreement so any decision reached by our Branch will be fed into the UNISON London Region. The Region will then formulate a London-wide response taking into account views from all London health branches.

Please circulate this as wide as you can so that all members have a chance to read them and express a view if they want. Tweet it, post a link to this page on Facebook.

It is important to note a significant exemption for ambulance staff on Annex E (unsocial hour premium payments).

FAQ 24 explains that the changes called for regarding ‘Management of Sickness Absence’ will not apply to staff covered by Annex E. The majority of staff within LAS are covered by Annex E.

Between now and the end of the consultation I will keep you all up to date with any new information. A letter will also go to all members after the New Year.

Best wishes and thank you


Important Information From Branch Secretary

Consultation on proposals to amend Agenda for Change



Eric Roberts
Branch Secretary
London Ambulance UNISON
LAS Staff Council Trade Union Secretary


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