Agenda for Change Proposals

Agenda for Change Pay

At a recent meeting of the NHS Staff Council, all health unions, including UNISON, agreed to take modified proposals to amend the Agenda for Change Agreement in England to their executive committees.
A copy of the final set of proposals from the meeting of the NHS Staff Council held on 9 November 2012 can be found at the bottom of this page.
In a unanimous decision, all health unions will be giving the proposals to their respective executive committees for consideration.
UNISON’s Health Service Group Executive will be meeting on 21 November to consider the proposals and the best way to consult on these.

Background and Context
At the UNISON Health Service Group Conference in April 2012, delegates were briefed on the employers’ proposals. Ongoing negotiations between health unions and the employers’ side resulted in a set of outline proposals from the employers in June 2012.
The joint NHS unions agreed to consult with joint staff sides during summer 2012. This consultation intended to determine which elements were most and least objectionable, what were the existing threats at local level, and what were the views of staff sides on the negotiations.

Key findings from that survey were:
 40% said there had been local threats to AfC in their workplaces;
 63% reported incidences of or proposals on down banding;
 67% wanted the negotiations to continue;
 88% supported getting a re-commitment to the principles of job evaluation;
 80% supported a national agreement on re-profiling.

The future of Agenda for Change
If health unions agree to the modified proposals, the employers’ side intends to implement these proposals by 1 April 2013. This timeline gives UNISON time both to consult and to provide additional information and options to branches.
If UNISON’s Health Service Group Executive agrees a timetable and method for consultation, UNISON will produce a full pack with a commentary on the proposals, a FAQ and copies of the proposals’ annexes.
There will be additional information coming out over the next few weeks.

Agenda for Change Proposals

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