Sign up for Text Alerts


Just text the word MEMBERS Followed by Your Full Name to 07748875735 to get the latest news and information delivered straight to your mobile.           

As part of our continued efforts to improve communication with our members, the London Ambulance Service UNISON Branch has set up a Text Alert service.

This is in addition to our website at and our e-mail newsletter.

We can now offer members an SMS text alert straight to their mobile.

This could include breaking news or may alert you to something we have placed on the website. This is a valuable addition and we believe will complement our existing communication methods with our members.

If you would like to subscribe to this service then simply text the word ‘MEMBERS’ Followed by Your Full Name to 07748875735.

Texts to this number are charged at their normal sending cost ( from 0p to 10p )

Need some Help?

On your mobile, select send message and type

Members Firstname Surname

(please ensure you leave a space between your first and last name and the word members)

Then send it to 07748 875 735 It’s as simple as that!

You won’t be charged any premium rates and will pay whatever your network operator normally charges you to send texts.

If you get free texts then this too will be free. We can then keep you updated.

New subscribers may receive a welcome text. This service is only available to current Las UNISON members

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