2010 Uplift to Agenda for Change Rates of Pay and Allowances

Agenda for Change Pay Unsocial Hours

The latest circular ‘AfC 2/2010’ from NHS Employers containing the 2010/11 rates of pay for staff on Agenda for Change terms and conditions is now available on the website at www.lasunison.co.uk/pay

This circular has been issued to all NHS organisations in England, with similar circulars issued by the devolved administrations to employers in Cymru/Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The circular contains details of the following main changes:

  • An increase of 2.25% to national salary scales;
  • A flat rate increase of £420 to pay spine points 1 – 12;
  • An increase of 2.25% to national recruitment and retention premia payable for qualified maintenance craftsmen and technicians;
  • An increase of 2.25% to the minima and maxima value of high cost area supplements;
  • A reduction in the length of Band 5 from nine to eight points by deleting the middle pay point and re-spreading the remaining points across the band;
  • An increase in the value of pay point 23 by an additional 0.33%;
  • An increase of 2.25% in the value of cash allowances payable for on-call work.
  • The circular identifies that the revised rates are payable from 1 April 2010.

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