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Dear Colleague,

2010 could be a difficult year for Patient Transport Services contracts due to a potential change of Government, hospitals forced to cut budgets, the on-going financial crisis and the growth of the private sector.

Within the London Ambulance Service, Unison has fought long and hard to protect and save PTS jobs and contracts, and we have a proven track record in achieving this. As well as protecting contracts, we now also need to show the way with our agenda on training and career progression. This will help defeat the private sector ambulance companies.

Unison believes in the future of the Patient Transport Services as part of the London Ambulance Service.

Because of this we have now agreed with senior management to re-establish the PTS Joint Constitution so that staff working on the contracts will have a better say in their future, and are more proactive in the day to day organization of local services.

To make this happen we need members to come forward to be trained as Unison Representatives. Every contract should have a voice and we believe that it should be a Unison voice.

If you are willing to take on this important role or if you require more information please contact Eddie Brand, Unison Branch Chair, at or 07766524972.

Representatives and staff will be supported fully by LAS Unison as we all stand together to make PTS stronger and successful.

As your Branch Secretary, I hope that you will take this opportunity to work more closely with me, the Union and your branch.

Best wishes

Eric Roberts
Branch Secretary

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