NHS staff survey shows nothing has been done to support workers


Commenting on the latest NHS staff survey published last Tuesday by NHS England UNISON head of health Christina McAnea said:

“It is clear that nothing has been done in the last 12 months to ease the pain of health workers. The NHS staff survey is a key tool for reviewing and improving the staff experience and so providing better care. But this is at risk as more and more private companies are getting hold of NHS contracts and denying staff a voice.

“More workers are dissatisfied with their level of pay this year than the previous year. And with so many feeling undervalued, not listened to, and provided with so little support, it is no surprise that fewer would recommend the NHS as a place to work.

“It is also worrying that more than a third of staff questioned this year would be unhappy with the standard of care provided by their organisation should a friend or relative need treatment.

“And there are still way too many staff experiencing bullying, harassment and violence at work – particularly in the ambulance service and mental health trusts.

“It is unacceptable for any member of staff to be attacked when all they are trying to do is help people. We want to see better protection for staff from violence as well as tough penalties and more prosecutions to deter future assaults.

“This government has starved the NHS from the money it needs to run an effective service and is now allowing services to deteriorate. Despite this difficult climate, staff are doing everything they can to continue to deliver the best care they can.

“This government has shown no interest in our National Health Service and ministers risk paying a heavy price in May.”

Download the Staff survey for the London Ambulance Service

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