Ambulance stress survey 2015


UNISON is now conducting its annual stress survey for staff working in the ambulance service.

You may be aware that UNISON completed a similar survey last year and the findings showed that the ambulance service is experiencing pressure unlike ever before and is having a significant impact on the stress you’re experiencing at work.

This survey again aims to assess how stress is effecting you and your ability to do your job but most importantly if your stress levels have gotten better or worse since this time last year.

The information gained from this survey will play a key role informing how UNISON represents the best interests of staff in the ambulance service so please take a couple of minutes to fill in the survey and contribute to this important piece of work.

This survey is for everyone who works in the ambulance service so please pass this email on to your colleagues.

All information gather in this survey is 100%  anonymous and can’t be traced back to the individual completing the survey

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