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screenshot aug13The London Ambulance UNISON Branch is pleased to launch a brand new look for our website. We are now celebrating ten years on-line since launching in 2003 and we were keen to give the site a new look. We were the first union in the London Ambulance Service to launch a website and have remained the only union to maintain a website keeping you the members informed and up to date on what your union is doing.

Why have we changed the home page?

Over time we have found ourselves adding more and more information to the home page. This has resulted in a slightly cluttered and busy look and can be confusing. We have studied the home page and how it is used for some time. Everything that was previously available on the home page is still available now. The difference is that some elements have moved either to the new menu bar or to the page footer.

So where can I find……………….?

The main news sections and announcements are still in a prominent position on the home page but the following elements have moved:

UNISON TV – Now found on the main menu under Social Media

Lasunison.Net e-mail login – Now found in Main Menu under under Resources/E-Mail logins

Information on text alerts & our mobile app – Now found on the main menu under Benefits

Policies & procedures link – Now renamed Document database and found in the new main menu under Resources/Activists

Journey Planner – Now in Main Menu under Quick links

Popular/Quick links – Now in Main Menu under Quick links

Tax relief on subscriptions advert – Link now in main menu under Benefits

Free life insurance advert – Link now in main menu under Benefits

What happened to the main Menu?

We have expanded the menu with a new super menu. This has allowed us to remove a lot of the clutter from the home page and provide you with an easier to navigate menu with less first options.

What has changed?

Previously there were 8 main drop down options. We have reduced this to 6. In addition there is a standalone ‘Join Us’ button and we have introduced a new social media section.

What is missing and where has it gone?

News – This is now part of the ‘Your Branch’ section

Members – Renamed as ‘Benefits’

Financial – Now part of the ‘Resources’ section

Activist Zone – Now part of the ‘Resources’ section

The changes are detailed in the picture below.

The new social media section is at the far right hand side of the menu. (not shown above)

Super menu in more detail

New Super Menu in Full

benefits resources

The first section is ‘About Us’ where you will find lots of information about UNISON and the branch including joining information, contact form and contact details for UNISON direct as well as information about and how to use the website.


The next section is titled ‘Your Branch’ and contains all the links previously contained in the old ‘Your Branch’ dropdown but now also contains the ‘News’ menu.


Next is the ‘Benefits’ section. Benefits were previously a sub menu of a section titled ‘Members’ which was short for member services. We have now consolidated both menus into one showing all the services and benefits on one menu item.


After that is ‘Resources’ which contains all the links from the old ‘resources’ drop down as well as the ‘Financial’ drop down and also the ‘Activists’ dropdown and branch e-mails sub menu.

The campaigns dropdown is simply a list of current cmpaigns while next along is ‘Quick links’ where we have placed the quick links previously displayed around the home page.

The last section is ‘Social Media’ which is a new section we have added to contain all the social media links and UNISON TV. We have placed this here as it cannot be viewed on a service computer and alters the format of the page.


We hope these changes will enhance your experience at making it easier to find what you are looking for and improve usability on alternative devices such as tablets. Don’t forget if you are browsing on your mobile phone we have our own phone app. This is different from the website but allows you to read all the latest news & tweets. Why not take a look now. Point your phone at this QR code or go to

What is My UNISON?

You may have noticed a new link at the top of each page that takes you to ‘My UNISON’

This feature enables you to update your own details online. So if you change your address you can just login and change it yourself. Additionally, UNISON have just launched a brand new website with many parts of it restricted to members only.

If you have any comments on the new home page or menu or thoughts on how to improve the site further perhaps by adding new features then please get in touch via our Contact page.

Finally, if you notice any pages do not appear to be loading correctly then please press the F5 button to refresh the webpage. If this still doesn’t work then try clearing your cache. On Internet Explorer Click “Safety” and select “Delete Browsing History”
Check “Temporary Internet Files” and “History”
Click “Delete”.

There are similar steps to take on other browsers. If you are still getting problems then please let us know so we can sort it.

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