Loss of another Much Loved Member Of LAS UNISON

Branch News

On Wednesday 16th December 2020 we lost another Romford and North East legend, Emergency Medical Technician and UNISON Member ‘Robbie Muir’ after a short illness in hospital.

Robbie joined the London Ambulance Service 25 years ago and spent all of his career on the Romford Complex.

Robbie was a much loved member of Staff at Romford Station and across the area he covered in North East London.

He was a genuine, happy-go-lucky, cheeky Essex boy that when you met him you always remembered his name!

His love of going to ‘gigs, scooter rallies & weekends away’ were second to none. Whenever you spoke to him, he had so much planned with the music scene (especially the Ska scene) throughout the year.

Known as “Monkey” by some of his colleagues at Romford Station and “Bounce” by his mates on the scooter scene.

If you ever had any problems, Robbie would always be there, it may have been just a listening ear, or a meet up for a pint you could always rely on Robbie.

Robbie lived with his partner Jo and our love and best wishes go to her, and their families.

This is only approximately six months after Romford complex lost Jamie Lamb, Robbie was Jamie’s best man at his wedding in August 2019.

This has been a terrible year across the Country but a really bad year for losing two faithful comrades at the same workplace.

Not a day will pass when we are not thinking of you, RIP Monkey and Lambster.




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