Joint Statement – Annex E – 31 Jan

Agenda for Change Pay Unsocial Hours

Joint Statement between NHS ambulance Trusts in England and UNISON, GMB and Unite

Employers and trades unions met on 31 January 2014 and agreed to extend the pause for a further four weeks in order to allow further intensive work, in partnership, before the meeting of the NHS Staff Council on 28 February. 

On 11 November 2013 trades unions agreed to suspend their industrial action ballots and employers agreed to suspend unsocial hours payment deductions to staff absent due to sickness, to allow constructive talks on what unsocial hours arrangements should apply during sickness absence. This included the potential application of Section 2 and options to change Annex E.

Significant progress has been made.  The extension of the pause is agreed to allow further joint work on:

  • the modelling and analysis of possible changes to Annex E and hybrid options containing elements of Section 2 and Annex E;
  • understanding the positive and negative impact of Section 2 on all staff groups;
  • pay during sickness absence.

Employers and trades unions have re-stated their commitment to develop proposals for consultation, recognising that the status quo is not sustainable in the long term.

The next joint meeting is scheduled for week commencing 10 February and the parties have agreed to keep in close touch between now and then.

The group will make a report to the NHS Staff Council when it meets on 28 February.

Forthcoming proposals will be subject to the usual internal trade union ballot arrangements.

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