Joint Statement 13 Dec

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Employers and trade unions held further joint discussions on 13 December in order to:

(1) agree that appropriate project infrastructure was in place. Terms of Reference (TOR) for two out of three sub-groups were agreed (Rota Modelling and Communications) and the TOR for the third (Process Development) would be available for joint sign-off shortly. Sub-groups would not make decisions but would inform the discussions of the central negotiating group.
The draft project plan will be updated on a weekly basis to record progress at each joint meeting and identify any work strands which needed additional input, trade unions would also add into the updates on the work plan following their own reviews:
(2) agree that the initial list of rosters for modelling and analysis under Section 2 was appropriate. A draft list of roster examples, including suggestions from the trades unions, was discussed and this will be used for the initial tranche of analysis. The list will be updated when members are able to consider additional information about the sample, including the total numbers of staff on each roster, staff groups using them, pay bands and current arrangements.
A further discussion is scheduled for 20th December 2013.

Working Group 1:  Roster Analysis

Update 9 December 2013.

Rosters included for data analysis will include:



shift length


Roster modelling complete.

E & U/EOC 6 – 6 12 hours yes     24/7
E & U/EOC 7 – 7 12 hours yes     24/7
E & U/ PTS Daytime only 12 hours No       12/7
E & U 6am – 4pm4pm to 2am 10 hours Yes     20/7
E & U 6am – 2pm6pm – 2am 8 hours Yes      16/7
E & U/PTS Daytime only 8 hours No       8/7
PTS incl. Weekends TBC
EOC Duty Controllers TBC

It was agreed that a 10 shift, 24/7 roster, would be added to this list.

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