Further Joint Statement following meeting on the 6 December

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Joint Statement between NHS ambulance Trusts in England and UNISON, GMB and Unite

Employers and trade unions met on 6 December.

All ambulance employers were now able to confirm that unsocial hours payments already deducted from salaries will be repaid in December salaries.

Joint collection and modelling of information on working patterns is the priority.  The rotas which are to be used for this purpose will be discussed and agreed in partnership.  These will include a range of 24/7 rotas including 12,10 and 8 hour working patterns, rotas covering less than 24 hours that may include twilight shifts and a range of relief patterns both in and out of rota and including scenarios around bank holiday arrangements.

Additional rotas will be included in the modelling if the joint analysis indicates this will be necessary. The first phase of this work will concentrate on potential implications, including undertaking an Equality Impact Assessment,  under the unsocial hour’s payment system in Section 2 of the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook. We are looking to conclude this part of the analysis by 20th December 2013.

Joint data analysis will include data on short and long-term sickness absence and the reasons for absence, including absences due to injuries sustained or illnesses caused by work.

A schedule of dates for further meetings between now and 1 February has been agreed.

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