EMT Pay Journey Update

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Pay Journey Update

Union membership is an integral part of the foundation that makes collective bargaining like this both possible and, in our case, so effective.

With over 4000 members, LAS UNISON is the biggest ambulance branch of the biggest union in the UK.

It is as a direct result of this strength and unity that we are able to ensure fair deals like this pay journey.

Of course, our efforts benefit all staff but, if you’re not already, why not become a UNISON member and help take us forward into future negotiations for a better working life.

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How have UNISON made all this possible?

  • The combined strength of over 4000 members

  • Overturning the EMT mid-band pay cap

  • Led negotiations for paramedics to be recognised as Band 6 Clinicians

  • The only union to formally request re-evaluation of the EAC role to Band 5

  • Pushing for shorter pay journeys in the 2018 NHS pay deal so all staff reach the top of their band quicker

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