Day of Action 30th November 2011

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London Ambulance UNISON

Day of Action 30th November 2011

28th November 2011

To all UNISON members,

This is the final instructions concerning plans for the Day of Action on Wednesday 30th November 2011.

This is sent on behalf of LAS UNISON Industrial Action Committee (IAC).

UNISON is a responsible union, and we understand our members concerns and difficulties on what to do on the day. We know that for workers within the ambulance service the decision to take industrial action can sometimes be a struggle.

We do not belittle that personal struggle, but our union has been there for us during fifteen years or so of huge growth within the London Ambulance Service, including pay, jobs, terms, conditions and greater professionalism, and we are now asking all our members to be there for our union on this day.

Protecting our pensions is a just cause for everyone: old, young, male, female.

We are not in direct dispute with the people of London. We are involved in a legitimate trade dispute with the government and its ministers over our future living standards and dignity during retirement. Their plans for us are to pay more, work longer, and receive less.

We will provide emergency cover for serious and life threatening illnesses or injuries as in past practice and responsibilities, and we have been working with senior management to agree a protocol for the day.

(Emergency Cover Agreement Attached)

We have agreed to authorise and encourage the following staff groups to volunteer and take part in emergency cover:

  • Rostered A&E frontline staff.
  • Rostered HART staff.
  • Rostered EOC call taking staff.
  • Rostered EOC dispatch staff.
  • Rostered CTA staff.
  • Rostered EBS staff.
  • Rostered IM&T staff.
  • Rostered EOC managers.
  • Rostered PTS staff dealing with High Dependency patients.

Although Emergency Cover is entirely voluntary, it is our hope UNISON members agree to provide it.

Please speak to your local steward for clarification.

We do not expect UNISON members to work overtime on 30th November 2011.

UNISON members providing emergency cover are still taking part in the Day of Action.

All other UNISON members are not authorised to work and should strike on the day, join one of the LAS UNISON official picket line or attend a union event across London (details to follow).

We want everyone to have a good day, keep safe and show the people of London they have an ambulance service to be proud of, staffed by people who deserve better from this government.

Eric Roberts

Branch Secretary

Lead Industrial Action Organiser

On behalf of LAS UNISON Industrial Action Committee.

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