NHS Pension Scheme

NHS Pension Scheme – Age discrimination judgement A legal case taken by the firefighters and judges has found that the transitional protections introduced as part of the 2015 changes to their respective pension schemes were discriminatory based on age. There is a likely read across of this judgement to the other public sector pension schemes, which includes the NHS Pension Scheme, that have similar protection arrangements. In the NHS if…

Ambulance Workforce Issues – Joint Statement

Representatives of ambulance employers, trades unions and other national stakeholders met on 10 June to consider how to make further and more urgent progress on the workforce issues that have led to trades unions holding consultative ballots on possible industrial action. The parties are aware of the potential impact on patients of any form of industrial action that could be taken in the ambulance sector and remain committed to working…


“UNISON is holding an indicative ballot of ambulance staff over the failure of the government and employers to deliver on their promises made at the end of the 2014/15 strike action. A link will be sent directly to the email address we have on our records so you need to keep an eye out for it.

Ambulance workers to be balloted over pay

Ambulance staff, including paramedics, are to be balloted over whether they would be prepared to take industrial action over pay,UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis announced today (Monday). Speaking on the eve of the all-out junior doctors’ strike, he warned they will be next on the picket line unless Jeremy Hunt honours promises made a year ago to improve pay and conditions. In his speech to UNISON’s annual health conference in Brighton,…

Salary sacrifice arrangements and your NHS pension

If you are currently participating in a salary sacrifice scheme and are now in the new NHS Pension Scheme 2015 you should consider whether this is still in your best overall financial interest. What is a salary sacrifice scheme? Salary sacrifice arrangements are when you enter into an agreement with your employer to exchange some of your salary for a non-cash benefit. Common examples include childcare vouchers, car parking, car…

Detail of the NHS Pay offer including ambulance proposals

Click here to download and read the offer letter from Jeremy Hunt to Christina which the SGE agreed to consult members on. In addition to the NHS offer, the strength of industrial action in the ambulance sector led to the following proposals being added.

New NHS pension scheme from April 2015

What’s happening? • The current NHS pension scheme will be replaced by a new scheme from 1 April 2015. • The new scheme is based on your earnings for your whole career from April 2015 (a Career-Average Revalued Earnings scheme). • Each year 1/54th of your pensionable salary for that year will be added to your pension account – this is a better ‘accrual’ rate than the current 1/60th or 1/80th rates in…

When I’m 68

A music video protesting against the UK government’s proposal to increase the retirement/ pensionable age for all frontline NHS staff to 68, including paramedics. This will have a particularly damaging impact on ambulance staff and increase clinical risk for their patients. Track performed and shot by the paramedic ’68 Old Stars’. https://www.facebook.com/AmbulanceMinisterOnNightshift

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