A Message from our Branch Secretary

Branch Secretary Pay

Dear UNISON Members,

I hope you are all keeping well?

We have just completed our third date into our industrial action, you have all played your part and our Branch Committee and our UNION are so proud of the effort you have undertaken by causing disruption but keeping Londoners safe.

LAS UNISON have definitely got our name out there, nearly every newspaper/TV article/web post shows our members on Picket lines across London and a sea of purple & green.

But we must continue, we have a government that looks like they would rather dig in and do nothing, instead of boost pay and help turn the ailing NHS around.

Our next date for action will be on the 10th February (further details to follow) and we will continue to ramp it up, keep an eye out on our communications.

We have sadly found out that our sister union (GMB) will not be joining us in any action, they yet again have failed to reach the 50% ballot turnout threshold.

So it will only be LAS UNISON leading the fight in London for better pay & working conditions.

With your support, we will win!

Yours fraternally,

Eddie Brand

LAS UNISON Branch Secretary

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