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Your young members’ officer is there to work with other branch officers, and to act as an organiser, recruiting and encouraging participation by young workers.

They will also play a big part in setting up activities with the branch on issues relevant to young workers.

UNISON has around 63,000 young members. If you are a UNISON member and under 27 years of age, you are automatically entitled to participate as a young member.

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Young members make a difference in the workplace by campaigning on the issues that affect them directly, such as, job security and training, apprenticeships, workplace rights, pay and conditions problems and bullying.

As a young member you can take part in all UNISON campaigns.

As a young member you also have the power to act against inequality or discrimination in the workplace and improve conditions for all.

Contact your local rep if you’d like more information about joining UNISON or click here.


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