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The website is now over 7 years old and continues to attract more visitors to the site year after year. We have introduced several new features since the launch of the original site that include but not limited to our e-mail newsletter and SMS Text Alert Messages. These tools are used to quickly communicate breaking news to members. We have also introduced our own Free 2GB e-mail service for members and recently launched on Twitter & Facebook. Our latest addition is the Branch Secretary Blog. This blog is updated weekly with a round up of the current issues going on in and out of the LAS. Being a blog it has a much more personal feel and is well worth a read. Why not click on the link below and stick up a poster in your mess room advertising the blog so everybody knows about it and can get a chance to read it either at work or at home. Click here to download a bulletin you can display advertsing the new blog.

The service has finally updated the LAS computers from the tired IE6 browser that was full of bugs and security issues to the more stable and more up to date Internet Explorer 8. (There was even an Internet Campaign supported by many in the industry to destroy IE6.) As we knew that at least 40% of page views to our site originate from an LAS PC it was important to us to ensure that the site rendered correctly on IE6 although this has not always been easy and we have often encountered glitches. We recently discovered that some of our home page was not displaying on LAS Pc’s and had to implement an urgent fix. IE6 has seriously stifled innovation and development on the web and we along with many others are pleased to see it finally removed from the LAS.

We now believe that the majority of the service have moved to IE8 and our site will now begin to reflect this with the introduction and re-introduction of modern web elements that we hope will make your browsing experience more enjoyable while providing what you need.

As ever, we welcome comments from our users and would really love to hear what you would like to see on the LASUNISON website or perhaps what you would like to see less of. You can e-mail us at or use the comments field below that is open.

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