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LAS UNISON is adding it’s voice to the Twitter campaign to defend the National Health Service.

“People love the NHS in this country because it is always there for them when they need it” said UNISON head of health Karen Jennings

“Even at the most uncertain economic times, like those we’re experiencing now, no matter what your income, people have the peace of mind that they can get health care.” she added.

The Twitter campaign was originally sparked in response to right-wing criticism of President Obama’s health plans in the United States of America.

The British backlash – defending the NHS with stories of successful NHS care – was enough to crash the Twitter website yesterday. Today, it is it is the top topic on the social networking site.

UNISON is sending an NHS fact file to its sister unions in the States to counter the lies being peddled by right-wing groups about the NHS.
Press release: UNISON fact file counters US right wing lies over NHS
Tens of thousands of people, including Gordon and Sarah Brown, and Stephen Fry, have also added their support for the NHS on the micro-blogging site.

If you want to keep the NHS public – add your voice to UNISON’s million voices campaign

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