UNISON victory for non-AfC staff bonus


UNISON has secured fair pay for our non-AfC colleagues. LAS Chief Executive Officer Daniel Elkeles has released the following statement:

“I’m pleased to say we have agreed that the 448 members of staff who were not eligible to benefit from the recent NHS pay deal will now receive the extra money. This is after UNISON requested that staff not on Agenda for Change terms and conditions are included in the bonus.


These colleagues – who are mainly from our cleaning and Make Ready teams – hadn’t formally transferred across in time to automatically qualify for the 2022/23 non-consolidated payments, and the back pay from the 2023/24 pay uplift.


We all felt this needed addressing and so have made provisions for these staff to be recognised too, meaning all 448 staff will receive the same 2022/23 non-consolidated payment and uplift for their band. This will be paid in July to allow time for people to request to spread the payments if you need or want to, depending on your personal circumstances.”

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