UNISON, the UK’s largest public sector union today castigated Shadow Chancellor George Osborne’s comments on public sector pay as a disgrace.

Karen Jennings, UNISON Head of Health, said:

“Nurses, paramedics, occupational therapists, midwives, hospital cleaners and cooks – the whole family of health workers will be outraged at George Osborne’s suggestion that they have enjoyed an ‘age of excess”’. Health workers do not need to be told by the Tories that “we need an age of restraint and responsibility’ it goes with the job.

“Health workers accepted a three year pay deal in good faith. Even today this years’ increase of 2.54% falls below the CPI of 3.2%. We are all paying more for everyday essentials such as food, fuel, gas and electricity.

“Why don’t the Tories turn their fire power on their friends in the City, the bankers and the greedy speculators who have got the country into the financial difficulties that we are all paying for – including public sector workers. It’s time the Tories told them – the party is over.”

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