NEC Election 2015

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While all the focus is currently on the General Election, There is another election taking place within UNISON for seats on the NEC.

London Ambulance UNISON has nominated and supports the following candidates in the 2015 NEC Election:

Eric Roberts – Health Care Male Seat

Ann Moses – Health Care Female Seat

Christine Sullivan – Health Care Female Seat

James Anthony – Health Care General Seat

Mike Davey – London Region Male Seat

Margaret Greer – London Region Female Seat

Kim Silver – London Region Female Seat

Irene Stacey – London Region Reserved Seat

Andrew Anderson – Young Members

Calvin Smeda – Black Members Male Seat

Elizabeth Cameron – Black Members Female Seat

Abiola Kusoro – Black Members Female Seat


Ballot papers will be arriving to your home address soon. You decide who leads your Union.

A ballot paper will be sent to all eligible members at their home addresses, together with information on the candidates, from 7 April. The ballot closes on 15 May.

If you have not received your ballot paper by 14 April please call 0800 0857 857. Lines open 6am to midnight, Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm on Saturday

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