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On the 19th October, Eddie Brand, Branch Chair; led a delegation from LAS UNISON to the TUC Rally and lobby of Parliament.

The Rally was held at Westminster Central Hall that can hold over 2000 people. The Hall was brimming to the Rafters and lots were unable to gain access due to the Hall being packed out!

This rally was organised to protest at the cruel cuts being introduced by the coalition government. As a Branch, LAS UNISON thought it was crucial that they had a presence at the Rally and that is why along with Eric Roberts Branch Secretary, the UNISON Senior Sector Reps and Branch Officers made sure that members were emailed & posters were sent across the Service to drum up support to get as many people to attend.

The first Speaker was Brendan Barber of the TUC and then we had our own General Secretary Dave Prentis who gave a rousing speech that made sure in no uncertain terms how UNISON members feel about Public Spending Cuts.

The speech can be watched at: and I would urge you to watch this.

This Rally will be the first of many events to be organised by UNISON, and our Branch will play a significant part in any future activities that are organised by our Trade Union.

Please feel free to contact for any information about future events and if you have colleagues that are not members of LAS UNISON please urge them to join as we are all in it together and we must work together to make sure that the union’s alternative vision is seen.

As Dave Prentis said

“We are here to stand up for our communities, for the elderly, for the vulnerable as well as for our members and their jobs and pensions”

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  1. Thanks for the invite. Enjoyed the rally and look forward to working with you all in the future.

    Mark Maslin.

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