LAS Management Annual Leave Proposal Update

Branch News

We have today received, from the LAS management, the definitive calculations of how the proposed annual leave arrangements would affect the number of leave spaces available.

Please contact your Senior Sector rep for details of your group and station numbers and to ensure your feedback is noted for the proposal.

We are planning to meet in the next couple of weeks to collate the full feedback and formally respond to the LAS management which we will subsequently publish.

For discussion, please see your local UNISON members Facebook group:

• LAS UNISON Central and South East Sector –
• LAS UNISON SW Sector –
• LAS UNISON West Sector –
• LAS UNISON North East and East Central –

Senior Sector Rep contact details:

• Central and South East – Marcus Davis –
• South West – Steve Johnson –
• West – Paul Chiddington –
• North West – Pete Hannell –
• North East – Julie Cunnane –
• East Central – Brian Robinson –

Click here to download this as a bulletin to display in your workplace


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