February’s Strike Day Payments


Pay for strike action taken in February will be deducted from payroll this month.

If you took strike action, you are eligible for up to £50 strike pay for each day of strike action taken. The easiest way for us to process requests for strike pay is to ask you to complete an online form after each deduction is made as you will need to upload a copy of your payslip showing the deductions made.


In June‘s payroll there will be a deduction for the strike on 10 February. To claim strike pay you need to complete the form here

The union’s finance team processes strike pay once a week, with claims processed each Tuesday morning – please complete the form by 9:00am on Tuesday 4 July and it will be paid by 17:00 Friday 7 July, any claims received after this deadline will be processed the following week.
If any member believes they are likely to suffer financial hardship as a result of any strike pay being deducted please contact Julie Cunnane, our Branch Welfare Officer: Julie Cunnane

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