Covid-19 Response Fund Donation

Branch News Welfare

We are proud to announce that the LAS UNISON Branch Committee has agreed to make a 2nd donation to the UNISON Covid-19 response fund (There for You) that helps provide a safety net for our members in the UNISON family.

From the NHS domestic missing out on overtime shifts because of childcare, to the teaching assistant whose partner’s earnings have plummeted; from the care worker whose laundry costs are mounting, to the security officer suddenly made redundant – UNISON’s dedicated charity is there for members in every branch, in every service group, working every job imaginable to keep our country running.

These grants are helping to bring some of our hard-working members back from the brink of stress and debt and this is why our Branch Committee has agreed to donate £10,000.

You can find out more about the fund and how to apply by clicking here

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