Central & SE Sector launch Facebook Group

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The branch is pleased to announce the launch of our latest Facebook group for members working in Central and South East Sectors. This follows our successful trial of a facebook group in the South West sector which now has 245 members. We also operate a branch facebook page.

The difference between a group and a page is that our page is viewable by anyone even if not logged into facebook while our groups are closed and can only be accessed by members logged in to facebook and approved by an admin.

It takes a considerable amount of work to manage these groups and they are currently managed by the UNISON sector reps. Steve Johnson for South West and Tim Stephens for Central.

The advantage of these groups is it allows members to deal with local issues in a protected forum, keep in touch with their elected representatives and keep in touch with what UNISON is doing at a local level.

There are always local success stories too numerous to mention on our website and these local groups provide an area to share these stories. It also allows discussion on more confidential or sensitive issues that should not be visible to all.

We hope you will engage in your local group. We plan to introduce groups for the remaining north London sectors shortly but if you are a rep and interested in helping get it started then please get in touch with your local sector rep.

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