26 March for Public Services ‘UNISON at its very best’

Branch News Event

On Saturday 26 March our branch joined hundreds of thousands of others as we marched in protest at the ideological cuts that the Tory led ConDem government are making.

Here is a small selection of links to news stories that covered the event:


‘UNISON at its very best’

Marchers turn on troublemakers

The Big Society bites back as 400,000 marchers protest the cuts

Ignore the sneers. This march is a real alarm-clock moment | Polly Toynbee

Boris’s Miliband ‘slur’ attacked

A peaceful protest. The inevitable aftermath

and Finally….. American film-maker Michael Moore has produced a message of support for UNISON and our NHS.

Were you at the March? Have you found a good story covering it?

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