1989/90 National Ambulance Dispute, 20 years on

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LAS UNISON has put together an exhibition (with very special thanks to Anna Lowman, Communications Department, and Sarah Joy, Finance & Business Planning Department and others who have gave their time so this could happen) to remember the 89/90 Ambulance Dispute. This can be seen on each floor of Waterloo HQ until the end of January 2010.

UNISON believes it is right to mark the 20th anniversary and not forget those who were involved and what this Service went through. London Ambulance and staff suffered the worst, but has recovered the best.

This exhibition is not just about the struggle at the time, but also reminds us that the seeds of ideas sown then have grown and blossomed into the modern, 21st Century Service we have now, with Unison members, representatives and staff playing a crucial role jointly and in partnership to make sure our vital public service protects and responds to the people of London.

Twenty years ago ambulance personnel were looked on as the poor relation, both within the NHS and also alongside the other emergency services. Today we are central to the NHS, with all staff playing a key strategic role, while having a pay determination system looked on with envy by others. Positive change has happened and maybe 89/90 was the birth pains for it.

Come and have a look around the exhibition, encourage others to come, and be proud of your union, its history and the role it has played in making this Service what it is today.
With very best wishes


Eric Roberts
Branch Secretary
(Trade Union Secretary)

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