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There’s something we don’t always make clear, here at UNISON.

We’re always working on your rights at work and looking after you in the workplace, but what we don’t often say as loudly, is that we care what happens to you after work too.

Membership of UNISON doesn’t just get you support at work when you need it most, it also gets you access to a range of exclusive deals and offers designed to make your life outside work that little bit easier.

Because we have over 1.3 million members we’re able to secure some great deals for you, through trusted providers that are endorsed on the basis of shared common values, good practice and customer care.

These deals now have a brand new home, which we’re calling UNISON Living.

UNISON members are the ones who keep our public services going. From homecare workers, nurses and paramedics, to council administration officers, refuse collectors, school teaching assistants and many more. You work hard to keep the services we all love and rely on going strong. And we think the people who run our public services deserve a holiday. That’s why travel is one of the things we’ve included in UNISON Living.

UNISON Travel Club offers UNISON members access to a wide range of exclusive offers – from beach holidays to cruises. And did you know UNISON has its very own holiday resort in Devon? UNISON’s Croyde Bay is a 4* family-friendly resort on arguably the most beautiful beach in the UK (just ask the locals!). All members automatically get 15% off any holiday or short break, and low-paid members get a huge 50% off.

UNISON Living isn’t just about holidays though – we also want to help you get good deals on everyday costs, and let’s face it, with the fall-out from Brexit we could all do with making our money go further.

One of our trusted partners that could help you save money is Lighthouse Financial Advice. All UNISON members are eligible for a complimentary financial review with Lighthouse, which can take place at home, over the phone or at work. There’s also home, travel and pet insurance offers, as well as a money cash back card which means UNISON members can earn up to 6% cash back at big-name retailers, including Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Boots.

As one member told us, “I have been a UNISON member for 21 years and fully support incentives that UNISON recommends to the membership. The prepaid plus card is fantastic and I have found it a very useful way of keeping control of my finances.”

We’ve also managed to secure some valuable well being deals for members. There are health plans – for health care not covered by the NHS – as well as dental and eye care deals.

And that’s not even it. There’s plenty more on the member benefits website, and we’re working hard to make sure there are some more exclusive deals on offer – so keep checking back!

There will be materials available to download on the catalogue very soon.

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